Terms of Service

01.  Sometimes items will be charged by size (volume) rather than actual weight. Depending on which is greater. The way in which we calculate volume is as follows;

  • Length x Width x Height = result
  • Then
  • Result / (6000) = volumetric weight

The volumetric weight is what we consider when we calculate your charges for export.

For example; if you have a box which weighs 30 kilos and the dimensions are of 69 x 92 x 35cm. The dimensions of this box will be calculated as follows;

  • 69 x 92 x 35 = 222180
  • Then
  • 222180 / (6000) = 37.03
  • 37.03  is the volumetric weight for this box

02. Deliveries are up to airport only. You must collect your shipment from the airport of your city or the airport specified by you.

03. On the day of dispatch we will send you a link by email for safe online payment, this link will be sent to your email after 6pm on the day of dispatch, we expect you to pay by using your Visa or MasterCard on the same day, if payment is not received within 48 hours you will be charged storage at the rate of £12 a day for each 100 Kilos or part thereof . If you don’t have a visa or MasterCard and prefer to pay us via an international bank transfer, please let us know and we will send you the relevant payment details. You also have an option of calling our office to make a payment over the phone. Pay by link with Visa or MasterCard will attract a 3% processing charge. For example if your invoice is for £38.00 you will pay an additional £1.14p making a total payment of £39.14.

04. If you have chosen the 7-day grouping account, we will invoice you on the seventh day, if we receive a parcel on the 8th day, we will treat this parcel as a new shipment. Once your invoice is issued, we cannot add a parcel to the invoice. It will be sent separately.

05. In certain Middle Eastern countries where there is political instability or an embargo imposed by government of destination or any of the transport companies, there may be an additional surcharge on top of the tariff price list or we may not be able to ship to this destination at all until further notice. This applies to any county.

06. We will notify you via email whenever we receive a parcel for you.

07. We never open your parcels, we only weigh, measure, label them and put them in their allocated address box. If you want us to check items inside your parcel this will attract a charge of £3.50 for each parcel we open for you. This is because it is time consuming.

08. All parcels are x-rayed for security before export.

09. The following items are not allowed.

Gambling Pornography Counterfeit Goods Toy weapons Flammable Items Batteries

10. If you want to send flammable liquids like perfumes & aftershave, pressurised body & hair sprays, these cannot be booked on our standard cargo delivery service, these items must be booked under a special procedure, and you must request a quote before you book.

11. Once your cargo has been delivered to the airlines, shipment details cannot be amended unless a fee of £95 is paid. Amendments could take up to 7 days.

12. Typically, delivery times vary between 3 to 6 working days. We never promise export or arrival dates as they cannot be guaranteed by the airlines because cargo flights, vessels and trucks are dependent on cargo traffic. If you are given a date by our staff members, this is merely a requested target date.

13. All parcels are covered for compensation under our standard insurance policy of (up to) £100.

14. Duties, local government taxes & government formalities are of the receiver's responsibility.

15. We aim to deliver your parcel within 3 to 6 working days. The airlines we use have very reasonable time-delivery record; however, if in the unfortunate event, your cargo does not arrive on time, we will not take responsibility for loss of time or earnings.

16. We advise that you check your parcel/s at the time of delivery before you sign for them. Claims for loss of belongings cannot be made after you have signed the delivery note.

17. You can send as many kilos as you wish under one shipment. No weight limit.

18. The maximum size for each piece must not exceed 100cm x 100cm x 100cm. One meter squared. If you have a large shipment, please email us first.

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